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Sexting is the name given to the act of sending or receiving nude images, videos or texts and also covers underwear and sexual content. Someone sharing your nude images without your consent is not your fault and it may also be an offence under New Zealand law. Once sexual images are shared it is known as image based abuse which covers things like revenge porn. If this has happened it may be an offence.

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The majority of the criminal prosecutions for the Harmful Digital Communications Act are for image based abuse incidents. You can find out more about the non-consensual sharing of nude or intimate images on our image based abuse. If nude or nearly nude images or video of you have been shared without your consent, there are things that you can do:. We may be able to assist you in getting online content removed and talk about the options available to you. If you have sent a nude to someone and now regret it, you should contact that person and ask them to delete it.

The quicker you ask them to do this the better. It can be difficult to control what someone does with an image once they have it, but having a direct conversation can help stop it from being sent on. If someone is threatening to share nude images or videos of you or blackmailing you, we can let you know what you can do about it. You could try talking to the person who sent it and ask them to new zealand nudes sending inappropriate pictures. You can also report the content or block the person from contacting you again.

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If you want help or expert incident advice, you can. Our service is free, non-judgemental and available seven days a week. Follow us on social media and up to our newsletter for alerts, news and tips. Get help for race-based online abuse Kimberly19th June Think before you nude Angela Boundy14th June Improving online accessibility Angela Boundy28th May Tax Scams Sarisha15th June Tips to avoid scams Kimberly18th May Facebook Trading Scams Sean10th May Random chat websites Sarisha17th June Advice on how to talk to your child about porn Elizabeth13th June What is a digital footprint?

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If nude or nearly nude images or video of you have been shared without your consent, there are things that you can do: Screenshot the content if possible and make a record of where the content is capture any URLs if you can Report the content to the platform e. help netsafe.

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