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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My wife asked me where my stocking fetish came from. When I was a late teenager in the 50's, real nylon stockings had just come to the UK and all the women started wearing them.

They were very expensive at the time, so women would look after them, wash them and generally treat them with great care. I would watch my Mother take her nylons off in stocking fetish stories evening, go out to the kitchen to wash them, then bring them into our living room and hang them in front of the fire to dry.

I could see the lights glistening and reflecting off the sheer nylon and was fascinated by it. When I was alone in the room I would sneak up to them and feel the shiny, sheer, silky fabric.

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The neighbors were a younger couple than my parents and the husband worked quite late hours. Joan, the wife, would sit me down in her living room with a comic book and would busy herself around the house. I soon noticed that she would always be wearing seamed nylon stockings, similar to my mother and I could not help staring at them, wondering if they would have stocking fetish stories same silky feel as mother's.

One day she caught me staring at them and asked if I had noticed a ladder in her stocking. She was facing away from me and turned around with the top half of her body and looked down at the back of her legs. She pulled up the hem of her skirt to check out her stockings and I caught a glimpse of the thicker welt and a garter, suspender clip. Apparently they bought them from the same shop just around the corner from where we lived. She asked me if I liked them and did they look as nice on her as they did on my mom. In fact a short time after that, Mom asked me to go and fetch her a pair from the shop.

She gave me a note about what to buy and I always remember stocking fetish stories they were "Bear Brand fully fashioned nylons". Shortly after that, one afternoon when I was reading my comic book at Joan's house and sneaking a glance at her nylons, Joan was leaving the room when she stopped and pulled up the back of her skirt to fasten a garter clip that had come undone. She struggled with it for a while and then asked if I would mind helping her. She came over to me, stood right in front of where I was sitting, turned around and pulled up the back of her skirt and left me to fumble with the garter.

This was the first time that I can clearly remember getting an erection. I had already had funny feeling when I touched my mother's nylons when they were drying in front of the fire, but now, seeing them on Auntie Joan's leg and actually be asked to touch them was something else. Joan could obviously see my discomfort and asked if I was feeling OK. I mumbled something and went back to my comic book.

Over the next few weeks the same thing happened again and, looking back, Joan had recognized my feelings for the nylons and was teasing me. One day she came into the room and gave me one of her nylons, which had been laddered and said it was a present, but not to tell my mom. I snuck the nylon back to my bedroom and hid it under the mattress and every night, when the house was quiet and my parents were in bed, I would take it out and wrap it around my cock and jerk off.

Eventually we moved house and I lost touch with Joan. I called by her house one day, many years later and she was so pleased to see me. We sat chatting for a long time over a cup of tea and I mentioned the nylon incident. She remembered it well and said that she had been watching me staring at her legs for a long time and could tell I was fascinated by her stockings and had been aroused herself by it. When I started dating girls, I would always go for the ones who wore the sheerest nylons. To sit in the back row of the cinema and feel a girl's nylons was the ultimate pleasure for me.

Just seeing a girl wearing nylons was enough to give me an erection. Some of the girls thought this was a bit weird but from time to time I would date a girl who really understood and would go out of her way to please me. One such girl was my wife. By the time I was in my early twenties, seamed nylons were not in fashion but the reinforced toe and heel nylons were popular and she wore them all the time.

It soon became clear to her that I stocking fetish stories a strong stocking fetish and she would wear them in bed for me too. Always leaving them on when she was undressing every night until we had fucked ourselves to sleep. She also loved to wrap a stocking around my cock and watch to see how hard it made me, sucking on the head through the sheer nylon and watching as the cum seeped thru the material before she took it in her mouth and swallowed. Then pantyhose came in which had nowhere near the same attraction to me.

Of course, I love to see a woman wearing the real shiny, sheer pantyhose, which look like nylons and even the lace top hold ups, which are better than nothing, but nothing is quite the same as a pair of real nylons.

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Loved your short story. I too enjoy seeing women wearing nylon stockings. Unfortunately today it is mostly PH or Thigh Highs. When I was a kid many, many moons ago PH didn't exist. All stockings were fully fashioned and I dotedd on women wearing them trying to see up their skirt or dress to see what was holding them up. Was it a girdle or a garter belt?? If either one what color was it? How many garter straps did it have?

BTW: I write on Literotica under then name of jhmckn. Most of my stories involve nylons, pissing, fucking, and incest. I loved your story. My mother was an alcoholic and drunk almost every day the final three years of her life. Beer at seven in the morning. Fifteen to twenty bottles later that day and the final one about ten at night. Full fashioned stockings were still in vogue in the late forties and early fifties.

She had to pee so much she hardly ever wore panties or DK's. Roll garters stocking fetish stories her nylons up. When she peed, I often times got to watch as she had a chamber pot on the stairs to pee in. She was also fucking a couple of other guys besides my father. She had a forest of pussy hair. I must have stocking fetish stories her pee at least a hundred times.

Sometimes out in the yard if she really had to go. Pee ran down her thighs and legs and soaked her nylons. Just took them off and slipped on another pair. I too grew up in the early '40's and nylon stockings were very difficult to locate. One of my great uncles on my mothers side was an entrepreneur who had connections with a couple of stocking mills.

So he was able to get nylons for his three sister and two nieces, including my mother. Always beige or taupe, never darker shades. I loved to sit in one of my great aunts bedrooms and watch closely as they carefully folded a stocking down, then slipped it over their foot with great care and slid it up their leg, making sure the seams were straight. They then fastened it to either four or six garters, depending on which girdle they were wearing that day.

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My mother was an alcoholic who often simply wore her stockings with roll garters rather than a girdle. Being that the she to pee so often from the vast amount of beer she consumed, she often did not wear any panties, thus letting me see her very hairy belly covered with black hair Grandma and my great aunties usuallt wore either panties or DK's when they dressed, but once in awhile I caught a glimpse of their pussy hair too. Such exhilarating times for me, just waking up into puberty and my peter getting all woody from seeing these things.

No wonder I love seeing women today wearing nylons with seams.

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Stocking fetish stories

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