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It starts with a status on Facebook. The photos are meticulously organized and planned in neat folders.

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I am scared. Not for myself — but for every girl I know. These photos exist on an anonymous server: a thread, which makes it more threatening. However, these au aussie sluts are intangible: the veil of anonymity hides the boys taking part and the website allowing these actions to occur. I click on the link and feel cold horror. There are sections for schools, for workplaces, for ages and for postcodes. As if it is a victory, to display a private photo of a woman who trusted you, with unknown, anonymous people on the Internet. I see photos of girls I knew in high school, of girls who I met at work and in Grade One and through netball and university.

I feel scared when I see boys asking for girls — demanding other boys to hand over photos as if they are entitled to them. They trade — sharing photos of particular girls in exchange for other, specific requests. They share, conspire and sometimes guess the names, ages, and whereabouts of the women whose bodies they are viewing online. The women who sent photos to their partner, or their friends, or whoever they wanted to, and who were stripped of their choice to only show who they wanted: now, they are splashed across an explicit and vile gathering of misogynistic creeps. The girls who are on the site, through SnapChat screenshots, personal photos, and images hacked from their devices, doubtless feel humiliated and scared.

Their privacy and trust has been violated, perhaps irreparably. What would you do if you found a friend on the "Aussie Sluts" forum? Leave a comment. Simone Williams. Listen Now. Tags: nudity social-media health-and-wellbeing women. Top Comments.

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They should get get rid of these websites and any copycat and arrested them too. True Crime. Before The Bump. Parent Opinion.

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