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Looking for girls to sext with on KikFriender. This website is used to search for friends to add on the popular Kik app. Kik kikfriendee a social networking chat application used to chat and interact with people on your smartphone. Kik Finder is used by people to search for males and females for all types of chatting including sexting and clean chat. Read the full review below. There are numerous sections on KikFriender. This section has unfortunately been infiltrated by spammers. Since anyone can add themselves to KikFriender.

The spammers always create fake female Kik kikfriendee profiles and then post them on KikFriender.

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And if it seems too good to be true it probably is. You can see the screen shot below, do you think those girls are really looking to do sexting with guys on Kik friend. If you do then you're an idiot. These women kikfriendee not real, they are all totally fake and online spammers trick horny guys into adding kikfriendee on Kik. Once you start adding these women on Kik then the spam starts.

They want you to visit sites, register on sites, download apps and anything else in order to make a buck. These spammers know that horny guys will do anything for a hot looking girl or to see a hot looking girl naked. So when you start chatting with these guys what happens is they kikfriendee say if you download this app or visit this site and register I will send you 50 nude pics.

FYI, all the photographs are actually just copied off of amateur porn sites and then sent to you after you download one of the apps they are promoting. All fake female Kik users on KikFriender. Below you can see an example of just one spam text that we received from one of the fake female Kik users we added from KikFriends. The spam has links in it and tries to redirect you to a website and in this particular case she says that she has a photo album with naked photos and she has her phone and Snapchat name on her photos.

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From there you get redirected to a where you need to download one of the free apps to prove you're human and after you are verified the photos from Daniela the fake Kik user will display automatically. Well the whole thing is all lies. First of all after you download the app even if you do see photos it is not of kikfriendee girl you're interacting and chatting with. This is all spam run by guys, there is no hot looking girl at the end of the rainbow get that through your head.

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The good news is that you're not going to lose any money if you download some of these apps, you just end up wasting a lot of time trying to hook up with girls on Kik who don't even exist. All they want you to do is download the app so they can get paid. They are promoting apps like Arcane Online and Clash Of Lords 2 and more because they get paid per app download. They make money every time you install one of those apps, that's how the whole scam kikfriendee.

Screen show how the spam works and tries to you get you to download useless so kikfriendee can "see nude photos" of Daniela. For this reason we warn you to be careful when adding women on Kik through their website. Watch out! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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